John Oswald

Bio: In the '80's John Oswald shook the recording industry with a genre of music he coined Plunderphonics. Although much attention was paid to his revision of the look and sound of Michael Jackson, Oswald also at this time introduced the first of several radical transformations of a performance by Glenn Gould of the Goldberg Aria. Then in 2000 he scored a ballet (for disklavier piano, orchestra and Gould voice) focused on Gould, for the National Ballet of Canada, with choreographer James Kudelka. He has since personally choreographed another Gould-obsessed solo for dancer Sean Ling. Otherwise, he has directed diverse works in aural and visual media and performance. He became a Governor General's Laureate in 2004.

Presenting: The idea of this – a compendium of various plunderphonic transformations of the Goldberg Aria as performed by Gould, reproduced on a real piano, with Christopher Butterfield accurately recreating the 'humming' voice of Gould.

Plus, a 'panoramic' rendition of the following 32 variations condensed into a kaleidoscopic minute and a half.